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Applicaiton Cases

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There are many objects built with COBLOCKS's large building blocks.

COBLOCKS large building blocks creatively build furniture, decorative wall ,partition, landscape display modelling, 

and apply various occasions such as family, company, hotel, conference activities, children's paradise, shopping mall decoration, 

figure building modelling ,exhibition table and booth, etc.

There are:

-Furniture categories such as business star-spangled banner tea table, children's sofa ,toy play table, bed-house ,etc.

-Partition walls

-Children's amusement facilities such as mazes, castles, cartoon character lights

-Advertising landscape, such as castle, Great Wall, glowing LOGO font, Larger Chair,Large White Bottle,cartoon characters, Christmas tree, cabin

-Characteristic buildings, such as scenic indoor toy shops. Cold drinks coffee shop, candy shop, gift toy shop in the commercial center.

Coblock launchs the rebate policy by sharing building photo or design.

All COBLOCKS customers who actually build and share building skills and photos will enjoy 95% discount for a next order.