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Application Industries & Global sale service

Coblocks Block benefits from the unique design and construction technology of building blocks.

It's able to build almost anything in the world. Such as buildings, figures, flowers, trees, furniture devices, etc.

As a result, it is widely used: 


Architectural Decoration Company:

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Company office decoration

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Animation, cartoon characters


Commercial Furnishing

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Children Playground

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Children Furniture Industry

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Kindergarten facilities

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Construction of Activity Sites and Facilities.


We gradually develop sales business with agents and distributors all over the world to sell in the world.

At present in China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Australia, Ukraine, Russia,

Egypt, France, Spain, Britain, Poland, And North America has been or is negotiating the cooperation.

First-class agents are still under collecting, Interested parties please contact COBOLOCKS.

Contact: Mr. Yuan with email