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       New Tooltech Technology Ltd.(NTT) is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province,Souh of China.close to Hong Kong.
       We founded in 2010, our business focus on new manufacturing facilities innovation and new rapid construction technology. 
    Based on the concept of children's toy of plastic blocks. We’ve developed a series of larger plastic blocks and accessories, each with high strength,interlocking, large size and light weight. It is made of qualified plastic materials (ABS/PP,UV additive) and certified EU/CE and China/3C Safety. It can build for background wall, office partition wall ,  DIY kids furniture, advertising logo signs and exhibition booth,children playground facilities , commercial furnishings, and pet house, work cabin. And even more,to build up holiday house,shopping mall coffee shop ,makeshift house.
        It can be easily assembled and disassembled and equipped with various colors. Colorful, practical and fun, DIY making is its biggest advantage.
       A version of Professional blocks can be firmly interlocked by a set of built-in nuts/bolts, while producing waterproof blocks for outdoor buildings and flame retardant blocks for special purposes.

       Its application is very extensive.
       The “COBLOCKS” is our registered trade marks in global.
       The patent of "One kind of interlocking construction block design" is protected by China Patent Office(SIPO), and the patent priority is granted by PCT international organization.

       Our  Philosophy:“Fun,Simple, Change Life”
       Registered Trade Mark: COBLOCKS

 Registered Trade Mark:COBLOCKS

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TradeMarks: COBLOCKS 

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